New barbecue for our guests

Bye old barbecue, welcome new gas barbecue!

alter gemauerter Grill

The old brick barbecue

The old barbecue has done its duty! He has always fed us all these years, sometimes much too much :-)! Now he can go to the well-deserved retirement. 10 years of continuous stress. His successor is already ready.

Even if he had to stand behind the charcoal barbecue for a long time – now more and more people are using a gas barbecue, just like us.




Welcome new barbecue

The advantages of a gas barbecue are fast and uncomplicated preparation, low heating phase, temperature is very easy to regulate, different types of preparation, low smoke development, no subsequent elimination of the ash necessary, no formation of harmful substances and a high safety. We wish our guests a good appetite!

neuer Gäste Grill zum