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Free appointment in June

The Haludovo Palace Hotel is an abandoned resort hotel on the Croatian island Krk north of Malinska. The hotel is named after a nearby beach. Haludovo was built in 1971.[1] Bob Guccione, the founder of Penthouse magazine, invested 45 million US dollars in the project and officially opened the Penthouse […]

Hotel Haludovo Island of Krk Malinska

Although Croatia has not become a world champion in Russia in 2018, but at least Vice World Champion 2018 and Lego is pleased! The joy of the 2018 finale was and is not only great among the locals, but also with their animals. Our Lego was not only very happy, […]

The laughing Lego

Renovation of the upper terrace and stairs After the bedrooms have been renovated and refurbished (contribution still follows!), Now follows the upper terrace, as well as the stairs from her into the garden and to the pool. The problem was that the tiles of the terrace were no exterior tiles […]


Bye old barbecue, welcome new gas barbecue! The old brick barbecue The old barbecue has done its duty! He has always fed us all these years, sometimes much too much :-)! Now he can go to the well-deserved retirement. 10 years of continuous stress. His successor is already ready. Even […]

New barbecue for our guests

Olive oil from our own olives We harvest our olive trees exclusively by hand with sticks and rakes and what is right there. This is the most laborious but also the best way to harvest olives. In this way, they can be harvested at the optimum maturity. The fruits that […]

Harvest olives from our garden

Mushrooms that you can now collect while walking with the dog The rain also had its good. The mushrooms sprout only from the ground! Yesterday briefly at the Gassi go some stone mushrooms found. The were processed to the mushroom sauce and my guests were also invited. Was really good […]

Mushrooms gather on the island of Krk

Veterinarians in the Kvarner region If you are a pet owner, it is best to find veterinarians in your holiday region before a problem occurs. Below you will find addresses and phone number of veterinarians in the Kvarner region. All of the following veterinarians are qualified and trustworthy. For people […]

Veterinary outpatient clinic – veterinarians Kvarner Bay

Urlaub mit Hund
Holiday with dog Croatia should be well prepared Whatever you are looking for, make sure you are well prepared for your Pet friendly holiday Croatia. So that the holiday becomes relaxing for the owner and dog. A quick overview: Travel documents for holiday with dog Croatia GOT TO! vaccination certificate […]

Holiday with dog Croatia