Harvest olives from our garden

Olive oil from our own olives

Oliven Ferienhaus Bozica

We harvest our olive trees exclusively by hand with sticks and rakes and what is right there. This is the most laborious but also the best way to harvest olives. In this way, they can be harvested at the optimum maturity. The fruits that are removed from the tree are collected in a large net, which was previously laid out under the olive tree (100% BIO!).

In this harvesting method, small branches and leaves also land in the nets, which must be read directly on site. The loss of these branches and leaves does not harm the tree because, after harvesting, it has to be freed from excessive growth and cut off. The harvested olives are finally filled in linens and transported to the oil mill in Punat for further processing. It is important that this happens within a few hours as the fermentation begins in the olives as soon as they are detached from the tree. Fermentation describes an aging process caused by microorganisms. Or more simply, the olive spoils. This decomposition process must be terminated as soon as possible, preferably within a few hours, by further processing.

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Already 2000 years ago famous for its olive oil

The first-class extra virgin olive oil of the island of Krk is one of the best in the world due to its high quality. This is what Romans Apicius wrote in his travel report 2,000 years ago: “The Liburnian oil is a model in the Mediterranean”. For the Liburner the l. “the treasure of Krk”. The secret of its excellence lies in the native olive varieties and the geographical location, as the northernmost island in the Mediterranean you will enjoy the blessing of a mixture of continental and Mediterranean climate. The olive trees of Krk are reputed by the efforts, love and care of the “Drobica” olive growers, with delicious and healthy fruits, which become oil after processing, and which contain the greatest number of useful substances among all Croatian oils.

Krk will continue the thousand-year tradition of oil mills with olive oil houses!

The golden treasure of Krk