Holidays on the island of Krk in Croatia

The golden island – Holidays on the island of Krk

The island of Krk, also known as the Golden Island, is one of the most popular holiday islands on the Adriatic coast in Croatia. The island is located in the Kvarner bay south-east of Rijeka and is the second largest island of the Adriatic. Since 1980, Krk has been connected to the mainland by a bridge and thus easily reached by car. On the island is also the airport Rijeka, which is fooled by the major airports in Germany.

The island is located in the northern Adriatic Sea, has an area of 405.78 km2 and a population of 17.860 persons (2001). Of all Croatian islands, Krk is the most populated island namely 68 populated places. There are also some archaeological sites (Fulfinum Mirine, 1st century BC) dating back to the time of the Romans and later to be explored. On the island there are about 1300 different plant species, including characteristic tree species such as stone and fluff oak as well as European hops beech or Oriental hornbeam.

The Roman-Slavic liturgy has been cultivated for about a thousand years on the island of Krk, which has been the seat of the Bishopric since the Middle Ages. The Mass was therefore always celebrated according to Roman rite, but in Church Slav. After the introduction of the mother tongue (here in Croatian) in the Catholic service by the Second Vatican Council, this tradition lost importance. The island was also a center of the Glagolitic literature, the Baška table and the Glagolitic path in the Opčina Baška. Under the bishop Antun Mahnić (1896-1920), the Old Slavic Academy was established in 1902, based on Krk; This ecclesiastical institute existed until 1927 (WIKIPEDIA).

The city of Krk is the capital of the island of Krk. Among the attractions of the city of Krk are the Basilica of the Virgin Mary, the episcopal palace, the central market square Vela Placa and the harbor, restaurant & Café Promenade. The second largest town on the island of Krk is Baška. This beautiful small town is very idyllic in a wide bay bordered by a mountainous rocky coast.

As everywhere on the island of Krk there are many possibilities for water sports and other activities. There are diving centers, boat rental, a water kilift, quad and karting, horseback riding and much more. You can even go to various small secluded bays by water taxi to spend a relaxing day with your family. The region around Baška is also excellent for hiking and climbing on Krk. The island of Krk is also famous for its secluded beaches. There are also beaches with sand and eternally shallow bay, ideal for children.

Truffles grow in the woods, black and white. This region of Croatia is one of Europe’s best truffle areas, alongside France and Italy. In a good year, it is easily over ten or twelve tons that are lifted out of the ground.

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You will find all the important information on the brochures for your family holiday in the holiday house and you can also ask the landlady who is very familiar with everything and in German, with a slightly Frankish dialect. Meanwhile, there are also good websites with information. There is free Wi-Fi throughout the island.

Panorama maps of the Island & town of Krk

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