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Croatia Holidays: What to do in the summer on the island of Krk, since the question is superfluous!

The bathing season begins for the inhabitants of Krk in the first week of May. The water temperature at this time is usually between 16 and 19 ° degrees. For those who are not so hardened, it is therefore better to spend your holidays in Krk on the summer months of June – September. Here the water temperature is 24 degrees. The summer months are usually dry and warm with temperatures around 30 ° degrees.

The best beaches on the island of Krk

Beach Porporela – Town Krk
Beach Hotel Koralj – Town Krk
Beach Koralj – Town Krk
Beach Redagara (Valda Gara) – Krk Beach for Dogs
Beach Portapisana – Town Krk
Beach Hotel Dražica – Town Krk
Beach “Camping Krk” (Politin) – Town Krk
Beach Camping Ježevac – Town Krk
Beach Plav – Town Krk
Beach Jert – Pinezici, Island of Krk
Beach Sv. Marak – Risika, Island of Krk Croatia – sandy beach
sandy beach Pecine – Silo, Island of Krk
Beach Zgribnica – Vrbnik
Beach Potovosce – near Vrbnik
Beach Vela Plaza – Baska
Beach Oprna – near Stara (Old) Baska
Beach Vela Luka – near Baska
Beach Malin Draga – Malinska
Beach Rupa – Malinska
Beach Rova – Malinska
Beach Vantacici – near Malinska
Beach Maestral – Malinska
Beach Miramare – Njivice
Beach Glavotok – Glavotok
Vela Jana-Bay – near the villages Brzac and Linardici
Beach Camping Glavotok – Glavotok
Beaches Magneli (Maganel) & Komostrin – near Glavotok and Brzac
Beach Punta Debij – Punat
Beach Meline – Soline Bay
Beach “Golden Bay” – Island of Krk
Beach Pesja – Omisalj
Beach Vela Riva – Cavlena Bay

The nightlife on the island of Krk

The nightclub Boa in Malinska is open every day from 23:00 to 05:00 during the holiday season
The Volsonis cocktail bar in the town of Krk is located in the old town and offers its guests a very special atmosphere.
The Club / Bar Casa Del Padrone is located in Krk, directly on the city coast. There, different themes are organized with Gogo dancers. Evening events, festivals in smaller villages and concerts take place in the summer months all over the island.

Here are just a few examples of Krk holidays in summer!

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