Your family holiday in autumn

Holidays in autumn

Holiday in autumn: What can you do on the island of Krk in the autumn?

For those who want to enjoy their holidays in autumn, the island of Krk offers many cultural attractions, such as the famous Baška Table or the small island of Košljun, a cultural monument and protected landscape area.

And if the heat of the summer is to welcome you again, you can find refreshment in the cave Biserujka near Dobrinje. This subterranean beauty with some impressive halls is rich in stalactites, stalagmites and calcite columns, as well as some endemic animal species.

From the underworld you can easily go on adventures on the sea and explore several islands nearby. From a series of small villages on the island of Krk, tourist boats go almost daily to the islands of Cres, Lošinj and Rab. Day trips are a great way to enrich your holiday and create new unforgettable experiences.

Enjoy the delights of the island of Krk

Since you are already near Vrbnik, we advise you to taste the attraction of the world: the sparkling wine Valomet , whose bottles are stored at 32 meters depth for one year and mature. In addition to the unique aroma, the unique feature of the wine bottles is the uniqueness of the wine bottles, which are shaped by the sea and its inhabitants. Each bottle has a unique design. A perfect gift or souvenir from the holidays!

The island of Krk is rich in wines, which fit perfectly with Kvarner cuisine. Numerous restaurants on the island have local specialties such as lamb from the island of Krk, excellent fresh fish and seafood specialties, as well as the famous pasta of Krk – Šurlice in their offer. This pasta is traditionally made from selected varieties of wheat with the addition of eggs. A piece of dough is removed from the resulting mass, which is then formed with the aid of knitting needles. Šurlice fit well with lamb sauce and grated sheep’s cheese.

Help the olive growers

Help the olive grower during your holiday in the autumn with the annual olive harvest on the island of Krk. Gather together and experience the fun of the locals, even German-speaking are there, eat and drink together and after a busy day of collecting, you get your own olives, the spot in the olive press to make your unique OWN olive oil. U> pressed!

Advantages for holidays in Croatia in autumn

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… or help with the harvest

Climbing & hiking

At Baska, there are two interesting areas, Belove Stene and Portafortuna. The second is very popular because of its many easy routes, but also has some tougher ways. The orientation to the north allows climbing even in the summer, the nearby beaches of Baska offer themselves after climbing for bathing.

Cycling & horse riding