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Holiday with dog Croatia should be well prepared

Whatever you are looking for, make sure you are well prepared for your Pet friendly holiday Croatia. So that the holiday becomes relaxing for the owner and dog. A quick overview:

Urlaub mit Hund Kroatien

Travel documents for holiday with dog Croatia


vaccination certificate (Tollwut)
Chip in the ear
Eu-Pasport oder int. certificate


Proof of ownership, copy of breeding papers / dog control certificate
Clandestine liability insurance
Pre-examination of animal practices nearby (landlady also has info)
Chip-Nummer wissen

Link to the Croatian Veterinary Office with all references (gb) (de)

Our small checklist for holiday with dog Croatia

In order to be well prepared for your holiday with a dog in Croatia, we have compiled a small checklist for you from our many years of experience:

Urlaub mit Hund Kroatien

Collar and dog leash with name tag (important with international number)
Ticks (also protect your dog by a spray or spot-on against ticks)
Excrement bag (already before journey travel trousers and jackets, handbag and glove compartment with it)
Retention system (for the car)
Dog Toys
Travel Bowl
travel pharmacy (see below)
Holiday food and treats (spoon and possibly can opener for the journey)
Water for the journey (stock in bottles) Checklist dog
Dog corner and bed
Isodecke for outdoor tours
Light fittings or elements for walks in twilight and darkness
Dog vest or dog coat
Life jacket (for boat and sea trips)
Care utensils for fur, ears, paws, and teeth (e.g., dog shampoo, dog hand towels)
Sports utensils (joggingle, dummytasche, dog whistle, dog sack, etc.)
Beach shell (sun protection or mobile shelter)

Travel pharmacy for your holiday with dog

Check with your veterinarian or simply in the veterinary practice, which is important for your dog for the travel pharmacy. Our recommendation for the travel season with dog is the spring or autumn, because summer in Croatia is very hot and dry.

Urlaub mit Hund Kroatien

It is good when all the important things in the car, such as Antidepressants or sedatives, are ready for use!

First aid set (dressing material)
Means for vomiting / travel sickness
Sedative (if required)
Ticks / fleas (tick spray, spot-on against ticks or ticks)
Means for diarrhea
Eye drop
Wound and disinfection spray
Iodine ointment
Spray oder Tabletten gegen Juckreiz und Insektenstiche
Tick hooks / pliers

To the map with the veterinarians in the Kvarner Bay!

Holiday with dog in Croatia

Urlaub mit Hund Kroatien

Our house Bozica is a dog friendly house on the island of Krk. It is a popular holiday destination among dog owners, their families and four beers. Not only you, but also your dog will be welcome as a guest!

Here you can enjoy a few days a year with your family and your four-legged friends.

You can always ask the landlady for information for your dog or for yourself.

Our Tip: Save the number and address of the veterinarian practice of Krk (is also good for other holiday destinations with dog already before research) before the beginning of the journey in your mobile phone, then you have the emergency number already stored and need not search unnecessarily!

You will find the number and address from the veterinary clinic on the island Krk on the dog beach map further down or right Important.

General tips for holidays with dog

Map with the dog beaches on the island of Krk

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