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Bilder vom Urlaub mit Hund in unserem Ferienhaus Bozica

Es werden nur die Tiere unserer Gäste und unser Hund Lego & Kater Roko, die zum Ferienhaus gehören, gezeigt.  

Urlaub mit Hund – Lego, Roko (leider nicht mehr bei uns 🙁 ) & Friends

Das Kätzchen (Mutter leider verstorben), auf dem ersten Bild mit Lego ist das neue Kätzchen, hört auf Mimi/Lilly/Chichi und hat ein Glöckchen um, Lego hat es gleich adoptiert und noch zwei weitere Kätzchen! Jetzt ist es eine Vierer Bande – 1 Hund und 3 Kätzchen, die sich auf neue Freunde freuen!!!

Urlaub mit Hund

Karte mit den Hundestränden auf der Insel Krk


Holiday home Bozica for your holiday with dog

Beautiful pictures of holiday with dog in our cottage Bozica. Only the animals of our guests and our dog Lego & Kater Roko, which belong to the holiday house, are shown. If you want to experience Croatia with a dog, you can look forward to a destination that shows a different face at any time of the year and can also be visited in the low season. Here, Croatia offers a holiday home with a dog. Croatia with your four-legged friends. But if all preparations are done, nothing is going on, because Croatia has a lot to offer for active people with dogs. Long walks along the sea are as much as possible, as well as extensive cycling tours or interesting city visits. Croatia therefore offers every guest the right highlight and so should be best written before the vacation in writing what you would like to visit. All the highlights can not be visited in one or two vacation weeks! Holidays with dogs – guests with four paws are always welcome!

Important Informations for the perfect holiday with your four-legged friend!

The property is surrounded by a wall, so your dog (s) can move freely on the property. You can go to the nature right next to the house. There is only a street right along the holiday house, but on either side you can get off into the green with your four-legged friend. The landlord tells you what to look out for, because in the fields and forests roundherum there are deer, wild boars, rabbits, deer, …

The dog Lego from the landlady chases whatever goes in the bush immediately afterwards, sometimes he reappears after 15 – 20 minutes at the house, completely settled, but waiting for his mistress. After a few minutes, she will come back to the house again.

Holiday with dog – Lego, Roko & Friends

Urlaub mit Hund

Map with the dog beaches on the island of Krk


Kuća Božica za vašeg ljubimca

Prekrasne slike ljubimca u našoj kući Božica. Samo životinje naših gostiju i naš pas, Lego i mačka Roko pripada kući je prikazano.

Lego, Roko & Friends

Urlaub mit Hund Urlaub mit Hund Urlaub mit Hund Urlaub mit Hund Urlaub mit Hund Urlaub mit Hund   [:]

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